Frequently Asked Questions

Where is my nearest club?

A1. Ask at your local hobby shop
A2. visit the following pages on the NZRCA website:
Off-road Clubs
On-road Clubs
Please note that the NZRCA website often changes, if the above links do not work, go to the NZRCA website directly: and find the section dedicated to clubs.

How can I join a club?

A1. The best advice you can get will be from your local hobby shop, ask there for information on how to join your local club
A2. You can visit NZRCA website at
A3. Don't be afraid, you can ask in the forums with current NZRCA members who are more then happy to share their knowledge, and answer any questions you have.

Do I need to join a club to race on a club day?

No you don't need to join, you can just turn up on race day and pay entry fees. But if you don't have a membership with the club then racing fees are most likely higher, and you won't get any points for the yearly championship.

Q. How fast can they go?

A. The fastest can go in excess of 80KM/h in racing conditions, and even faster if specifically geared for maximum speed

Q. How much do they cost?

A1. Beginner Chassis can start at a few hundred dollars, which will get you started at your local club.
A2. To compete at the top, in the top class, you'll be spending thousands of dollars for everything, which includes a Battery chargers, Chassis, Motors, Speed Controllers, Transmitter, Tyres. But these items are usually purchased over a period of time, most of the time when you start out in RC, you get the beginners stuff, then as you learn and progress you'll upgrade your equipment.

What is the NZRCA?

The NZRCA (New Zealand Radio Car Association), is the governing body for New Zealand RC Cars. Every year an AGM is held, and rules are voted apon from each NZRCA club in New Zealand. The rules are put into force (or based apon) when hosting an NZRCA event. At club meetings the clubs will have their own rules which may differ from the NZRCA rules

How much is it a year to be an NZRCA member and to join a club?

Joining an NZRCA affiliated club, you'll automatically become an NZRCA Member. Fees vary per club.

What's the purpose of RCRacer?

A1. Inform people about the racing side of Radio Control Cars (yes it can be a very serious hobby!)
A2. Get new people into the sport with guided information, and support
A3. provide people already in the RC community with the latest New Zealand event reports with photos, videos, upcoming event information, NZRCA news and more

Who's behind RCRacer?

A1. We are RC enthusiasts who decided to start up RC website, our views and opinions are completely independent.
A2. The three main creators are Gareth Davies, Matthew van der Haas, and Michael van der Haas. We try and keep up with the latest web technologies and RC news. We try to update the website with a fresh new look annually.

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