RC Terminology


Electronic Speed Controller, this has the job of feeding all the power to the motor. It also powers the receiver.


Local Hobby Shop, your closest hobby shop to go to, don't forget to support the local hobby shops that support your club.


Internal Combustion, ie a gas car engine.


Milli Amp Hours, this is usually the term which is given to the capacity of batteries.


NICAD battery. A dated technology which is still in some classes due to rule restrictions. The capacity of these got up to around 2400mah before NIMH took over offering 3000+ MAH at the time.


Nickel-metal hydride battery. Dated technology which started in RC at around 3000MAH, it quickly grew to 3700. As soon as the batteries hit the 4200+ mark, maintenance was a key issue, discharge, equalize, and charge to get the max out of them. Also special storing methods had to be done to prevent dead cells. These cell got up to 4600MAH before LIPO really started to come into play in New Zealand, but cells around the 5300MAH mark are out.


Lithium Ion, a type of lithium which is generally considered not as stable (safe) as LIPO


Lithium Polymer. The current favourite battery technology in RC, no need to discharge then charge, just charge and you are away. These require a LIPO charger, and an ESC with a voltage cut-off so the LIPO doesn't get below a certain voltage and get damaged. LIPOs are a lot more efficient then the NIMH predecessors allowing the same rated capacity to last longer and give out more consistent power.

Pan Car

Rear wheel drive chassis which has no independant rear suspension


Personal Transponder, you are able to purchase your own transponder, which can be in your car permanantly. This is very handy to have, as it saves having to take a club transponder in and out, saves on making holes in your body, and you don't putting the wrong transponder in.

Touring Car

Usually a 4WD car with full independent suspension and a sedan body, there are a wide variety of chassis available from many different manufacturers.


This is an item which is put on your car that counts your laps

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