While on the subject of results...

Here are a few results of other RC events in New Zealand that have been run this year that haven't seen the light of the front page.
(listing top 3 of each on-road class, top 10 for off-road IC results, for full results click on the title of the event)


2010 IC Offroad National Championship Results

1/8th Buggy:
1st - Jerry Davis
2nd - Chris Banham
3rd - Dave Edhouse
4th - Billy Looi
5th - Graeme McDougal
6th - Malcolm Namana
7th - Hunter Burt
8th - Andrew Webber
9th - Craig Underwood
10th - James Tacon

1/8th Truggy:
1st - Craig Underwood
2nd - Chris Banham
3rd - Pearce Stephens
4th - Stephen Bowles
5th - Jonathan Coluccio
6th - Mike Stratford
7th - Dave Edhouse
8th - Andrew Gregge
9th - Graeme Mcdougal
10th - Shane O'Connor


2010 South Island IC Off-road Championship Results
1st - Dave Edhouse
2nd - Hunter Burt
3rd - Daniel Thompson
4th - Kent Perry
5th - Kerry Martin
6th - Neil White
7th - Malcolm Namana
8th - James Tacon
9th - Jake Botting
10th - Peter Brimmer

1st - Tim McKay
2nd - James Tacon
3rd - Malcolm Namana
4th - Andrew Gregge
5th - Mark Richards
6th - Craig Bartlett
7th - Dave Edhouse
8th - Paul McBreen
9th - Jamie Buttolph
10th  - Jake Botting

2010 South Island on-road Championship Results
Fomula one:
1st - Vaughan Jones
2nd - Don Collins
3rd - Patrick Dench

1st - Darren Eason
2nd - Don Collins
3rd - Jerib Robertson

Touring Stock:
1st - Krist Van Hulten
2nd - David Hodgins
3rd - Simon Wilks

Pro 12:
1st - Daniel Webber
2nd - Mark Harling
3rd - Craig Lamb

Super Stock:
1st - Michael Jones
2nd - Andrew Webber
3rd - Kit Phanyom

Touring Modified:
1st - Gerald Swindells
2nd - David Beck
3rd - Trev Winter

1/10th IC 2WD Saloon:
1st - Kevin Frewer
2nd - Cameron Dench
3rd - Darrel Weavers

1/10th IC 4WD Saloon:
1st - Andrew Webber
2nd - Andy Ando
3rd - Jayden Duthie

1/8th IC Canam
1st - Luke Duthie
2nd - Scott Robinson
3rd - Andrew Kirk


2010 Hamilton Drivers Series Results

Drivers Series Stock Trucks:
1st - Mike Peck
2nd - Les Taylor
3rd - Zoltan Matty

1st - Brendan Southey
2nd - Ainsley Howitt
3rd - Simon Jorgensen

Touring Stock:
1st - Shane Gollop
2nd - Brendan Southey
3rd - David Bruce

Touring Modified:
1st - Mike Stratford
2nd - Glenn Climo
3rd - Drew Howitt

Touring Super Stock:
1st - Matt Whitmarsh
2nd - Colin Storey
3rd - David Bruce

Formula 1:
1st - Matt Whitmarsh
2nd - Colin Storey
3rd - Shane Gollop

NHRCCC Club Classic Results

Great days racing on sunday, here are the top 5 finalists from each class:
(You can view the full results here)

Touring Modified
1st - Karl Meyer
2nd - Matthew Trotman
3rd - Ivan Ho
4th - Stephen Li
5th -  Murray Watson

Touring Stock
1st - Michael van der Haas
2nd - Stephen Li
3rd - Shane Miller
4th - Matthew van der Haas
5th -  Glenn Herbert

1/10th IC:
1st - Andy Ando
2nd - 2 Chris Trotman
3rd - Rob Fou
4th - William Harman
5th - Jerial Ibarra

1st - Ivan Ho
2nd - Stephen Li
3rd -  Matthew van der Haas
4th -  Michael van der Haas
5th -  Simon Jorgensen

Formula one
1st - Andrew King
2nd - Murray Watson
3rd -  Raymond Parsons
4th - Barry Vujcich
5th - Simon Jorgensen

Touring Super Stock
1st - Ivan Ho
2nd - Andrew King
3rd - Terry Lister
4th - Andrew NG
5th - Shane Miller


1st - Glenn Herbert
2nd - Rex Dobson
3rd -  Nico Herbert

Club Classic Touring Stock on-board footage

Here's some footage that Nico Herbert has posted in the forums of some footage on-board of his TF-5 Touring Stock car (qualifying round 2).

Very cool footage!

Forum Link: http://www.rcracer.co.nz/Forum/viewtopic.php?f=16&t=3952

2010 NHRCCC club classic Media

Just a few photos and 1 video of todays racing.

Modified Qualifying Race

2010 IC South island offroads video

Forum user Grubster boy has posted a video on youtube of saturdays racing from the 2010 IC South Island Off-road Champs held at Harewood.

Check it out below:

NHRCCC indoor (30th October) photos

Just a handful of random photos from NHRCCC indoor last weekend :)

Side Notes:
Visit the NHRCCC Website at http://www.nhrccc.org.nz/

The Annual NHRCCC Club Classic is run tomorrow at the permanent on-road track. A few of us went up to the track today to put down some laps (long time no see NHRCCC outdoor track!!). Incredibly sunny today, so all signs point to racing tomorrow.

Me (Matt), Mike and John will be racing stock Touring as well as Mini, should be great fun with some close racing.

See you there tomorrow!!

Gisborne RC Car Club website

Not sure if it's new or not, but it's new to me.

Check out the new Gisborne RC Car Club website, there is a section with a bunch of photos and videos from their on and off-road race days.

Check out their website at http://gisbornerccars.webs.com/

Gisborne RC Car Club Website

2010 North Island Champs (19th - 21st November)

I'm a little late to post this up (ENTRIES CLOSE 13th November), but you can download the entry forms for the 2010 North Island Champs in PDF or .doc format:

Download .doc version here
Download .PDF version

Information about this event:

Hosted by Capital Model Racers (http://rcracing.co.nz/) on their permanant on-road facility, accepting both Electric and Gas on-road Entries for the following classes:


  • M03

  • Touring Stock

  • Super Stock

  • Modified Touring

  • Formula One

  • Pro 10

  • Pro 12

I/C Powered

  • 1/10 4wd Circuit

  • 1/10 2wd Circuit

  • 1/8 4wd Circuit

Venue: Capital Model Racers Club permanent On-Road track, Wingate, Lower Hutt

Date of the Event: 19th-21st November 2010

Personal Experiences:
The CMR track always tends to have some incredibly close racing due to its tight and technical track layout, always entertaining to go and race there, especially pro12, but I may be a bit biased :) ...

Last time I raced at the North Islands (when hosted by CMR) it started raining 2 minutes into a Pro12 race, now usually all the drivers pull over and stop racing, but for the sake of having a good laugh we all continued most of us doing 360s every corner as the little rear wheel drive cars couldn't put the power down very well in the wet. A few times people would have some incredibly close laps with eachother at about a tenth of the normal dry speed, pull the throttle a tiny bit too much and you'll be spinning out. Everyone had a blast and came off the stand with a smile regardless of the rain.

The 90 degree corner off the back straight is a make it or break it corner, you can gain that extra 10th of a second if you try and take it extremely tight and fast, but if you go too close and hit a dome, you'll go straight into the grass in which case it feels like a lifetime until the marshall gets you.

There are always good times / stories that come from events like this, I would highly recommend entering if you are able to make it!

Talk about this Event in the forums here

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NZRCA AGM minutes and remit results can be found on the front page of the NZRCA website.

Check them out at http://www.nzrca.co.nz/

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