2011 Electric Off-Road Nationals entry form

2011 New Zealand Electric off-road Nationals

Entry form is out for the 2011 Electric Off-Road nationals held at the Hawkes Bay RC Car Club

Date of the Event: 1st - 3rd April 2011

Entries close on Friday 18th March 2011 (a countdown is now on the left side of this page)

Venue: Hawkes Bay RC Club Track
You can download the Entry form here

Classes to be run:

  • 1/8th Electric Buggy

  • 1/8th Electric Truggy

  • Short Course Truck

  • Stock 2WD Buggy

  • Modified 2WD Buggy

  • Stock 4WD Buggy

  • Modified 4WD Buggy

  • Stock Truck

  • Modified Truck

Concourse is for Buggy and Truggy
Important Notes:
Competitors are REQUIRED to supply their own Personal Transponders. (THERE WILL BE NO HANDOUT TRANSPONDERS FOR THIS EVENT).. see the entry form for more details

Additional classes $10.00 each

2011 Electric On-Road Nationals entry form

Details are out for the 2011 Electric on-road nationals.

Get in early and register online  at NHRCCC online entry website: http://nhrccc.org.nz/entries

New Zealands premiere electric on-road NZRCA event, the best of the best come to compete for the top spot in all classes. Get your entries in quick. If you are competing seriously in this event, then I recommend entering the Race Lines International as a highly competitive 'warm up'. Should be yet another great Nationals.

Date: 11th - 13th February 2011
Location:  North Harbour Radio Control Car Club
Entry / Information form: Downloadable PDF / Google Docs PDF / Online Entry and information
Discuss in the forums: here

The guys behind Liverc

Have a look at some behind the scenes photos of liverc:


FEMCA Malaysian Buggy Event

Details have come through to us from Trevor Reid of an event that is hosted in Malaysia, check out the details below:

FEMCA BUGGY: Malaysia July 6th to 10th 2011

Malaysia at the New RC Connections Complex, http://rc-connections.com/

This is a brand new circuit, and we will celebrate the opening of the circuit with this event.

The track will be closed to all but locals who will only be allowed to run in the reverse direction up until the official opening (6th July)

Race format: Proposed only, as the format may have to be adapted depending on entry levels.

Day one and two: practice and Registration: Practice will be on a time allocated ticket system.

Day three: timed heats using only the 3 best consecutive laps during 7 to 10 min heats to determine the starting position for the Bump Up finals.

Day four, bump up finals

Day five main finals

And for those who have not had enough the track will be open after the event for those who just want more racing.


Trevor Reid

2011 Southern Clash

Here's some info about the 2011 Southern Clash from Jamie Scott (DRECC Onroad Race Director). Info below.

Hi Guys and Girls

Here it is, the website for The Southern Clash 2011


If guys need a power supply (i.e. Generator) let us know so we can organise at a cost to you as I did for The Christchurch Boys

For Accommadtion there is a camping ground the boys from Christchurch stay at last year


Something different we are looking running this Event is a Mixed Team Event (a driver from each class)
Team of 3 or 4 Drivers depending on entrances. Randomly picked on the day.

Any Question feel free to contact me jamiekylie@xtra.co.nz

Jamie Scott
Onroad Race Director

Transponder Servicing

Club Transponders:
If a club you know of is having issues with their club transponders (ie transponders not storing charge, or going flat quickly), then contact John.

He will service them for $30 per transponder.  Nothing more frustrating then halting a meeting or getting unreliable results due to transponders.

Personal Transponders:
He can also replace wires on PTs (price may vary).

Contact Details:
Email: Johnv@ihug.co.nz
Phone: (021) 606542

International online entries

Entries are starting to flow in already for the 2011 Racing Lines International, check them out below, and don't forget to register yourself!


Discuss in the Forum: here

2010 New Zealand Electric North Island results

Update:(slight correction in results)
For more detailed race results, including race times, download this .doc race results file which was posted here in the forums


Super Stock

(A Main)

1st) Karl Meyer

2nd) Russell Cloughley

3rd) Malcolm Namana

4th) Glen Nilsen

5th) Matt Whitmarsh

6th) Jason Marshall

7th) David Norden

8th) Edwin Pibal

9th) Simon Dawson

10th) Brian Luey

(B Main)

1st) Mark Cleland

2nd) Peter Knight

3rd) Pj Jones

4th) Peter Chang

5th) Jesse Marshall

6th) Daniel Watson


Touring Stock

1st) Simon Dawson
2nd) Shane Miller
3rd) Jason Marshall
4th) Peter Knight
5th) Daniel Watson
6th) Seas Cookson
7th) Ondre McGill



1st) Glen Nilsen

2nd) Shane Miller

3rd) Daniel Watson

4th) Jason Bowe

5th) Ricky Field

6th) Peter Knight

7th) Adam Skachill

8th) Sam Mitchell

9th) Steven Branch

10th) Seas Cookson


Formula 1

1st) Matt Whitmarsh

2nd) Russell Cloughley

3rd) Malcolm Namana

4th) Brian Luey

5th) Peter Chang

6th) Daniel Watson

7th) Ondre McGill

8th) Seas Cookson

More 2011 Racing Lines International details

From Sam Cooney in the forums:
Entry form and full event info attached at the bottom of this post

Sorry took a while to finalise the last few bits and bobs, but the information and entry form are attached below. Please note online entries for the event has not launched yet, so bare with us a tad longer (exams!). I will update to inform when this is online.

To answer a few questions that I can see coming;
Control Tyes - this is a Much More 32 pre-mount (same used last year). This can be purchased through the entry form for a discounted $40 per set, or you can provide your own. 
If you provide your own, they must be brought to the track in their original packets, with all part numbers corresponding to those listed on the entry form. This will be checked at scruiteneering, and your sets will be marked.
All gluing is to take place at the allocated gluing area - as per last year.

Super Stock Turbo - after much deliberation we have decided to run Super Stock with no turbo or timing functions. This does not include punch settings. This purely means, you can not have a 'turbo' or 'timing boost' feature. Electronic timing must be set to zero. Mechanical timing may still be used.
This is something ROAR has been playing with, and it is something North Harbour has been playing with which we would like to try.

This will be scruiteneered as per the ROAR list seen HERE

Download the 2011 Racing Lines international entry form here

NHRCCC 2011 International

Details are starting to trickle in, will keep you updated with the latest. Also see the NHRCCC website for the most up to date information.

Date: 7th, 8th, 9th January 2011
Where: NHRCCC Outdoor Track
Racing Details (so far):

  • 3 Qualifiers and 3 Finals for Electric

  • 3 Qualifiers and a 45 minutes A Final for Gas

  • Control Tyres for Super Stock and Modified (Muchmore 32)

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