Dargaville Summer 500

An announcement from Dargaville Radio Controlled Racers

Dargaville Radio Controlled Racers
Presents the 2012 Summer 500

This year, with short notice, we will be holding our Annual Summer 500 on the Saturday 28th of this month (January).
It will be held at the Nazarene Church Carpark on Grey St Dargaville, just before (coming from Whangarei), or just after (coming from Auckland) the main Dargaville Bridge.

Starting at 1pm, teams will be racing non stop for 500 laps.
Teams are min of 2 drivers per team or 1 driver/1 one helper, but you may have 3 members per team.
The class we will be racing is the Mini class.
Teams must self marshal their cars hence the min of 2 per team.
Entry is $20 per team with a extra $5 per head for the BBQ and refreshments if you want, BBQ is also open to spectators at $5 per head as well.
The surface is concrete and the rules are NZRC race rules but foam tyres are allowed.
Battery rules are open and at this stage no min battery changes.

All spectators are welcome and it is free to watch.

2012 Racing Lines International results

Results are coming in, for the most up to date information check out our Facebook page and the 2012 Racing Lines International forum thread

Confirmed results so far:
Touring Stock - Michael van der Haas
Touring Modified - Andrew Webber
Touring Super Stock - Andrew Webber
Formula One - Nigel Bish
Touring 21.5 - Matt Whitmarsh
Pro10 - Murray Watson
M-Chassis - Stephen Li

2012 Electric on-road nationals

Entries for the 2012 electric on-road nationals have now been extended to the 27th of January, so dont panic if you planned to enter, today isn't the last day to enter.

2012 FEMCA 1/10th Electric Off-Road (2WD , 4WD & SC)

Some information about the up coming Electric off-road FEMCA-CUP from Trevor Reid

Event Information:
Name: 2012 1/10th Electric Off-Road FEMCA-CUP
Date: 6~8. Apr. 2012
National Body: Japan Model Radio-Control Car Association
Host club: JMRCA KANTO, kanto@jmrca.jp
Track: Yatabe Arena Tsukuba-City,
Chairperson: Yasuo Takizawa
Mr Masami Hirosaka the 14 time World Champion will on hand along with others to pass on their knowledge.

Classes to be run:
-SC (Short Course Truck)

Controlled tires will be used for each Category.

One free set of tires will be included in the entry fee; participants can purchase one extra set in each category, allowing drivers to use up to 2 sets of tires per category during the event.

Due mainly to the safety issues of travelling with Li-Po batteries, all participants will use only the Li-Po rental batteries provided.

Each participant can use 2 batteries in each category. IMPORTANT: You may not use your own batteries during this event.

There will be more on this to follow as we receive the information from the various tire and battery providers.

IMPORTANT: Please do not attempt air travel with Li-Po batteries, as this has become a recognised problem world-wide with many airlines.

We have to be proactive and do what we can to be responsible air travellers where we can, THANK YOU.

To follow will be a full report including entry details, accommodation, transport, transfers, etc and of course the rules.

But this is just to let you know so you can start planning your trip to this great new indoor all weather venue and experience the event being hosted by some of the best in the business.

If this is your game don’t miss out on this great opportunity to meet with the Japanese factory teams (they will be on hand to help) and enjoy the event.

The hosts have done all they can to ensure your stay with them is an enjoyable one.

You will be surprised by the prices as this is not down town Tokyo but you will still get to enjoy all that Japan has to offer.

I suggest you extend your stay a little to enjoy the JAPANESE EXPERIENCE.

Hope to see you there

Trevor Reid

2012 Electric on-road Nationals entries close soon

The ‎2012 Electric on-road Nationals entries close this friday (13th January)

The website for this event can be found here:

To Enter this event, you can enter online.

Current entries can be found under the reports tab

..And don't forget to talk about it in the forums

1992 on-road IC Nationals footage

Some footage from the 1992 IC on-road Nationals has been uploaded here.

The event was hosted by the Canterbury Radio Control Car Club.

Footage was edited by Shane Nixon.

Note: The top two drivers of every class ended on the same lap, very close racing!

Canam A Final Results:
1) Shayne Nixon (Car no.31) - 118 Laps
2) Mark Harling (Car no.12) - 118 Laps
3) Tony Matos (Car no.11) - 112 Laps
4) Leong Goh (Car no.22) - 112 Laps
5) Trevor Winter (Car no.32) - 110 Laps
6) Trevor Reid (Car no.23) - 109 Laps
7) Colin Capie (Car no.13) - 106 Laps
8) Trevor Bain (Car no.21) - 102 Laps
9) Selwyn Duthie (Car no.14) - DNF

Formula One A Final Results:
1) Leong Goh (Car no.11) - 109 Laps
2) Mark Harling (Car no.23) - 109 Laps
3) Trevor Reid (Car no.22) - 105 Laps
4) Trevor Winter (Car no.32) - 104 Laps
5) Colin Capie (Car no.21) - 103 Laps
6) Shayne Nixon (Car no.13) - 103 Laps
7) Tony Matos (Car no.31) - 99 Laps
8) Craig Laird (Car no.12) - 93 Laps
9) Selywn Duthie (Car no.14) - 87 Laps
10) Trevor Bain (Car no.24) - DNF

Saloon A Final Results:
1) Mark Harling (Car no.11), 114 Laps
2) Shayne Nixon (Car no.12), 114 Laps
3) Tony Matos (Car no. 24), 109 Laps
4) Selwyn Duthie (Car no. 23), 106 Laps
5) Trevor Reid (Car no. 24), 105 Laps
6) Trevor Winter (Car no. 14), 103 Laps
7) Leong Goh (Car no. 21), 98 Laps
8) Ken Shoebridge (Car no. 41), 87 Laps
9) Trevor Bain (Car no. 33), 82 Laps
10) Colin Capie (Car no. 22), 52 Laps

2012 Racing Lines International Info

Info about the 2012 Racing Lines International out.

- Qualifying on points rather than single best run (best 3 of 5 rounds to determine your overall qualifying position.)
- 13th - 15th January 2012
- 5 rounds of qualifying, 2 of which will be under flood lights
- running a 21.5t Open brushless class

More info In the forums

Enter Online here

Facebook page launched

We've launched a Facebook page, there is now a Facebook icon permanently situated above the forum link.

We'll be able to give you quicker up to the minute news at events we attend, and you'll know exactly when we have posted it.

Keep us informed of what you want on RCRacer via the Facebook page, and we'll try to make it happen.

The Link is pretty easy to remember: http://www.facebook.com/rcracer.co.nz

What class will you race in 2012?

I'm running a poll in the forums to see what classes everyone will be running in 2012, make sure you fill it out so we can get some accurate results.

Will post the end result of the poll here when finished.

Click here for the poll

Website updates

A bit of work has been done 'behind the scenes' on rcracer. Now old posts from Wordpress are showing with our new system (scroll down to see them), and more work has been done to make adding content easier, which will mean more frequent updates.

A few fixes have been made to the media categorization, for example a Touring Stock race was categorized with Super Touring for the 2011 Electric on-road nationals. Bits and pieces like that have been fixed.

New events have been added to the upcoming events list (to the left), and the countdown timers are now more accurate.

Added to the Photos/Videos section are some photos of:
-2010 Racing Lines International
-2009 Hawke's Bay Winter 300

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