Electric on-road World Titles

Groskam 1:10th Electric Touring Car World champ.
Matsukura takes the 1:12th title yet again.

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Check out some terrific footage from the Touring Car finals from redrc.net:
First A Final

Second A Final

Third A Final

Pro12 Footage:
First A Final

Second A Final

Third A Final

I highly recommend reading up on the excellent race reports from redrc.net events section.

Results for ARCCC IC Off-road Club Champs

Congratulations to Craig Underwood for winning both Truggy and Buggy at the ARCCC IC Off-road Club Champs held over the weekend (1-3 June 2012)

Forum user R_murray has uploaded the results:
Truggy Results
Buggy Results

A few photos have been uploaded to forum here

Hamilton 400 Enduro - 13th October 2012

Hamilton 400 Enduro

Do not miss out on one of the most entertaining RC events of the year.

A 400 minute electric on-road team based endurance race where anything can and will happen. Hosted by the Hamilton Radio Control Car Club, this event is not to be missed.

Only three team slots remaining, if you intend on running and have not entered then you had better do it before your chance is over.

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Download the Information Booklet / Entry form

2012 Racing Lines International Photos

photos from the 2012 Racing Lines International

Brett Waudby Photography has uploaded some great photos from the 2012 Racing Lines International, check them out here

Contact Brett Waudby Photography: info@bkwphotography.co.nz

2012 IC On-road Nationals Results

The results for the 2012 IC On-road Nationals event have been uploaded.

Held at CRCCC on 24 - 27 Feb 2012.

Results as follows:
1/10th IC 4WD Saloon
1st Jayden Duthie (TQ) (73/30m9.439s)
2nd Andy Ando (72/30m8.994s)
3rd Jamie Buttolph (70/30m20.410s)
4th Trev Winter (67/30m0.354s)

1/10th IC 2WD Saloon
1st Cameron Dench (TQ) (99/45m18.964s)
2nd Darrel Weavers (92/45m9.109s)
3rd Kevin Frewer (91/45m17.579s)
4th Andre Almond (88/45m4.712s)
5th Graham Peterson (84/45m28.480s)
6th Graham Weavers (68/45m15.621s)

1/8th IC CanAm A
1st Daniel Burrows (125/45m15.366s)
2nd Jayden Duthie (120/45m26.942s)
3rd Andrew Kirk (119/45m19.624s)
4th Bev Winter (113/45m1.672s)
5th Jamie Buttolph (111/44m36.397s)
6th Andy Ando (79/45m9.798s)
7th Trev Winter (67/45m4.693s)
8th Scott Robinson (24/8m28.786s)
9th Luke Duthie (TQ) (21/7m24.585s)
10th Mark Johnston (20/8m25.508s)
11th Scott McCreanor (17/6m48.535s)

Visit the 2012 IC On-road Nationals website for more info

2012 Southern Clash Results

The results for the 2012 Southern Clash event have been uploaded.

Results as follows:

Touring Stock
1st David Coleman (TQ)
2nd Neville Granger
3rd Jim Young
4th Simon Draffin
5th Jason Thurlow
6th Steve Weir
7th Shay Wildgoose
8th Peter Rohtmets

Formula One
1st Don Collins (TQ)
2nd Luke Duthie
3rd Vaughan Jones
4th Cameron Dench
5th Daniel Webber
6th Adam Brown
7th Kevin Dench
8th Michael Granger
9th Andrew Kirk
10th Mike Cadogan
11th Jamie Scott
12th Malcom Lester
13th Pat Dench
14th Robin Allan
15th Jason Thurlow

Pro 10
1st Andrew Webber(TQ)
2nd Vaughan Jones

1st Luke Duthie
2nd Craig Lamb (TQ)
3rd Gerald Swindells
4th Don Collins
5th David Beck
6th Kevin Dench
7th Daniel Webber
8th Bev Winters
9th Adam Brown
10th Pat Dench
11th John Sargeant

Super Stock
1st Andrew Webber (TQ)
2nd Ian Rickerby
3rd Brent Grey
4th Michael Granger
5th Adam Robson
6th Nick Pow
7th Jamie Scott
8th Malcolm Lester
9th Todd Mears
10th Jim Young
11th Neville Granger
12th Graham Wildgoose

Touring Modified
1st Andrew Webber(TQ)
2nd Craig Lamb
3rd David Beck
4th Andrew Kirk
5th Ian Rickerby
6th Gerald Swindells
7th Trev Winters
8th Brent Grey

Visit the 2012 Southern Clash website for more info

Website Additions

A few little changes to the website include a new links page here. If you want to be put on the links page, then please Contact Us

Google Maps have been added to clubs, to show where the tracks are located. There are some great shots of the tracks from above.

Note: If your club is missing a google map location, then I could not find it, please Contact Us with the Google map address

‎2012 IC Off-road North Island Results

Congratulations to Alan LOOI for winning Buggy, and Mike Stratford for winning Truggy.

Final Top12 positions in Buggy:
1) Alan LOOI
3) Chris BANHAM
4) Kent PERRY
5) Neil WHITE
7) Stephen BOWLES
8) Hunter BURT
9) Jonathan THOMPSON
10) Henry DEVEREUX
11) Shane ADAMS

Final Top12 positions in Truggy:
2) Alan LOOI
3) Chris BANHAM
5) Grant JENKINS
7) Grant MOON
9) Nathan TOIA
11) Neil WHITE

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2012 Electric on-road Nationals results

Final results can be found here: http://www.rcracing.co.nz/results/epnats2012/Print_Presentation_Report.html

Individual race results can be found there also (see the drop down at the top of the page)

Top 3 Results from the 2012 Electric on-road nationals:
(Well done to Andrew Webber for double NZ titles!)

Touring Modified:
1) Andrew Webber
2) Anthony Atack
3) Karl Meyer

Touring Super Stock:
1) Andrew Webber
2) Leon Dravitzki
3) Russell Cloughey

Touring Stock:
1) Grant Forsyth
2) Simon Noton
3) Shane Gollop

Touring 21.5:
1) Leon Dravitzki
2) Shane Gollop
3) Simon Noton

1) Jayden Duthie
2) Peter Knight
3) Matt Hands

Formula One:
1) Shane Gollop
2) Nigel Bish
3) Jayden Duthie

1) Nigel Bish
2) Glen Nielsen
3) Murray Watson

1) Luke Duthie
2) Murray Watson
3) Glen Nielsen

DRECC changes its name

The Dunedin Radio Enthusists Car Club has changed its name, yes the hosts for the upcoming Southern Clash have had a name change to Otago Radio Control Car Club (ORCCC).

Just a bit of refresh about the Southern Clash:
Date: 3rd - 4th Mar 2012
Entries Close: 24th February 2012
Costs: First class $25, each subsequent class $10
Classes Run:
-1/8th 2WD IC
-1/10th 4WD IC
-1/10th 2WD IC
-Touring Stock
-Super Stock
-Open Modified
-Pro 12
-Pro 10
-Formula 1
-21.5t Open Touring Stock

Any queries about the club or the South Clash you have multiple lines of communication including:
-Southern Clash forum thread
-Emailing the ORCCC President Jamie Scott
-Southern Clash Website

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