2010 Racing Lines International Entry Form

The entry form for this great event is now available.

Date of Event: 8th - 10th January 2010
Where: North Harbour Radio Control Car Club, Auckland

Download the entry form for more event information and check out the forum for the latest news

click here to download the 2010 Racing Lines International Entry Form

New Carpet Racers trailer

Check out the new trailer from the upcoming documentary about the sport we love.

Hitting the big screen, the feature length documentary ‘Carpet Racers: A Crash Course’ explores a year long journey into the subculture of grown men and women that make a living, or try to, racing radio control cars… professionally. The movie documents the ultimate victories and crushing defeats of five of the top carpet racers in the world in their quest to be the best they can be. Life in the small lane… it ain’t easy.

NZRCA Online Magazine November Edition

Download the best edition yet of the NZ RC Racing online magazine.

This months issue involves:
- Interview with 2009 Electric on-road Modified and pro-stock National champ Ivan Ho
-A section saying what females think of RC
-Info about recent events including IC off-road Nats, South island IC off-road champs, South island EP off-road Champs

Heaps of articles can be found inside, so start download and reading:
NZRCA Online Magazine November Edition in PDF Format

NZRCA Online Magazine November Edition in Powerpoint Format

2009 IC Off-road Nationals results

The A main results from each class were as follows:
1st - Tim McKay
2nd - Peter Brimmer
3rd - Jerry Davis
4th - Graeme McDougal
5th - Craig Underwood
6th - Andrew Webber
7th - Billy Looi
8th - Dave Edhouse
9th - Alan Looi
10th - James Tacon
11th - Zac Ryan
12th - Jason Dyckhoff

1st - Peter Brimmer
2nd - Chris Banham
3rd - James Tacon
4th - Reece McGregor
5th - Dave Edhouse
6th - Scott McCreanor
7th - Duncan Brown
8th - Neil White
9th - Alan Looi
10th - Mike Stratford
11th - Stephen Bowles
12th -Nathan Toia

Congrats to everyone involved. For the full results see the

2009 IC Off-road nationals

The 2009 IC Off-road nationals is held over this weekend at the Harewood Radio Control Car Club

There have been over 100 entries in total.

Good luck to everyone involved, from what i've seen there has been a lot of preparation and work gone into making this a gre


Details are emerging about the 2010 Racing Lines international.

Karl Meyer has been hard at work organising and sorting out details.

There are a few interesting points in the upcoming event such as:
-Control Tyres in super stock touring and Mod
-Lipos in touring stock with a fixed gear ratio
-EP 1/10th CORR Trucks will be running with a modified track layout.

This is great news, as no doubt it'll attract more people from overseas also.

Click here to Check out the latest info and chat about it in the forums

NZRCA Magazine - October edition

Sorry for the lack of news on the front page lately, Things will definately be a lot different next year. Will try and get all my photos and videos back on this website as soon as I can...

The NZRCA has once again been hard at work on another Online magazine, this months flavour comes packed with reviews of events, special AGM results, and the super-stock approved brushless motors.

Download the latest online magazine in powerpoint format here

NZRCA RC Magazine/newsletter

A new online NZRCA RC Magazine has made an appearance on the NZRCA.co.nz website.

The magazine includes:

Information about Clubs

Upcoming Events

Car and Track Reviews

and a whole heap more.

Great job done by the new NZRCA Executives.
A new NZRCA website is in the pipeline too which will be great by the sounds of things, but a while off, so be patient.

You can grab the new Magazine article at the NZRCA website or download it directly here . And when you are finished reading it you can say a job well done to those involved here


Sorry for the downtime.

Our server hosts had a bit of an issue, but is all sorted now! (out of our control)

And no we haven't closed the website like a few emails suggested :P

Countdown for events

An updated list of upcoming events has been created. (to the left)

If the event has an entry form available for download then it will link to it, and count down until the last day of entries (flash at you when entries close soon), then it will count down until the start of the event. Then after a week of the event being finished then the event will disappear off the list.

The events are sorted by when the nearest event is going to start.

Hopefully this will make it easy to see when events are starting and when entries are closing for events.

Cheers :)

P.S if you want an event added to the list, or if an entry form is available for an event that i've missed, please email me

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