2010 Electric On-road Nationals Results

The Electric Nationals are all done and dusted for another year and here are the results

Electric On-road Nationals Practice Day Two

It's currently 1:39PM and it has been raining all day.

rain rain rain. Hopefully It fines up later today, and is a nice day tomorrow :)

Electric On-road Nationals Practise Day One

We're all down here now and got to the track at about 1pm. The weather was slightly overcast and eventually it started raining at about 3:30. We all got a few packs through and here's a few impressions we've got from the first few laps

Gareth (Touring Modified):  I haven't raced in Christchurch before and I love it! Within a few laps I knew I was going to enjoy this track, it flows really well and each corner has an obvious line through it. Although the track was very dusty I didn't have much trouble with grip for Modified, but can also see it will be truly awesome on Sunday afternoon when the grip really comes up.

Matthew (Pro-12):  The grip is well down compared to North Harbour on a usual day.  The track layout is awesome and I loves it long time.

Michael (Pro-12 and Stock):  Dusty.

CHC Track

2010 Racing Lines International Videos

All videos are now up, enjoy :)

Click more to see them all ...

Formula one A Final round 1

Modified B Final Round 2

Modified B Final Round 3

Pro12 A Final Round 1

Modified A Final Round 3

Modified A Final Round 2

Modified A Final Round 1

Pro12 Qualifying Round 2

Modified Qualifying:


-Entries for the 2010 Electric on-road radio control car nationals are closing on Friday 22nd January (in 2 days of this post), so if you haven't entered make sure you enter quickly!!!! Entries are only available via online entry form

-Videos of the 2010 Racing lines international should be up within the next few days

Racing Lines International Day 2 and 3 Photos

Here are some photos from days 2 and 3 of the 2010 Racing Lines International :)

Racing Lines International 2010 Photos

Racing Lines International 2010 round up

The event is done and dusted, fridays weather was quite average to say the least, but auckland put on an awesome display of sun for saturday and sunday leaving a few of us no doubt sun burnt.


Qualifying day was interesting seeing all the different things this event had to offer, Lipos in stock seemed like a definite winner, no doubt we will be seeing this bought into the NZRCA rules at the next AGM. CORR trucks were very awesome to watch, with some big smiles on the spectators as they took on the 2 jumps and over the ropes for some nice action shots.

Modified times were very close, with Damon slavich, Ivan Ho, Andrew Abbott, Steven Jovanovic all being up for the top spots at the end of the day. Sam Cooney also had pace, but unfortunately problems had plagued him, and he ended up 1st in the B main (1 spot off the A main). Ivan ho ended up Tqing with his Yokomo.

F1 top qualifier went to Andrew King with his 3Racing F109 with lithiums. Pro12 Top qualifier was Darren Johnston with his BMI chassis. I was unsure of Corr Trucks, stock touring, TT01 and super touring positions, as I was busy helping others out.

Finals Day

I could see the look of anticipation on everyones faces when I arrived at the track, all waiting to get into some Finals.

Formula one

It was awesome seeing a full lineup of cars, some cars looking very cool and true to scale. A few people new to F1 had some issues trying to get their cars to handle properly. But Andrew King seemed well in control and took out the class with a win.


It was a battle between Darren Johnston and Andrew King, Darrens 12th didn't seem to be handling right, while Andrews was on rails, winning every final. Everyone was running 4 cell in 12th except for Mike van der Haas (as far as i'm aware), he was running a 1cell lipo and his was just as fast, if not faster than everyone elses on the straight running a 4.5 lite novak motor, but his car wasn't handling too well.

Touring Modified

The A Main had some big names in it, a few Australians were in on the action which was good to see. Rubbers and lipos is what was making this years Modified races different. It was a strange thing to see, just after the transponders had been checked, everyone was doing laps to keep their rubber tyres warm, with the extra efficiency and capacity with lipos there was no threat of it eating away at race run time either. It was like watching gas cars keeping their engines up to temperature before they start the race.

Andrew Abbott, an Australian regular at the International took out first place in the first final, Ivan in 2nd, I'm unsure at this point where everyone else came, but I know Steven Jovanovic came 9th.

The second round Ivan and Steven were incredibly close the whole time, less then a minute to go with Ivan in the lead he clipped a curb and steven got through, but what happened 2 corners later made a protest happen from the Aussie camp. All i'll say is Steven and Ivan touched, and Ivan came out infront. You can make up your own mind on who was in the wrong when I put the video up later on. Ivan ended up first, and Steven second. As far as I recall, Andrew Abbott came in 3rd place.

With the title up to anyone, the third round was very important. Ivan got hit up a few times and went back down in the pack and ended up 5th, while Steven was flying and came away with the win, and Andrew Abbott second. This meant that Andrew, Steven and Ivans best 2 rounds was a first and a Second. The end result for these three now was down to their third round (which is usually dropped) due to the tie. So the top3 overall finishing order at the end of the day for modified was:

1st: Andrew Abbott
2nd: Ivan Ho
3rd: Steven Jovanovic

Congratulations to Andrew Abbott for taking the premium title out, it was well deserved, with some great racing seen.

Great event yet again, unfortunately wasn't able to cover alot as I was kept busy helping out some other racers. Good work Chris Trotman, David Trotman, Trevor Reid, and the rest of the team for running the event

That's all for now, Photos and videos will be up in the next few days...

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Racing Lines International 2010 Practice day

Well the practice day for the 2010 racing lines international is done and dusted.

The day started out with a bunch of people all keen to put in some laps, the weather held out for a few hours, but decided to start pouring down for an hour or two. The majority of people who stayed saw the rain come and go, then the track quickly dry. The sun was out, plenty of blue sky, and controlled practice was back on.

There were a bunch of F1 drivers eager to test out their cars, all no doubt aiming for the A main, some looked quite planted, while others struggled with lack of rear grip.

Some very quick modified drivers were putting some good laps down, all the testing with lithiums and rubber tyres seems to be paying off.

While Mike and Gareth were sorting out their brand new corally phi 09 setups, My mission for the day was to setup Mikes corally SP12X Pro12 which has been heavily modified in every which way, while also trying to find a right gear ratio for with the new 1 cell lipo. Much more testing to be done for day 2....

Qualifying for electric tomorrow, as well as Gas Final. Will keep you posted on the latest

2010 IC North Island Off Road Champs

2 days until entries close, if you want to enter this event, you better get to it soon.

Here is some event information:
The entries close on the 8th Jan
Event runs from the 22nd - 24th Jan
The classes to be run are 1/8th Truggy, 1/8th Buggy and 1/8th Electric if there are numbers.

There are event some awesome Prizes up for grabs in the local raffle Including:

•2 x .21 Engines

•Sony Ericsson W508a mobile Phone

•HP 19" LCD Monitor

You can Enter on the Event Website, and for more information you can download the Off-road North Islands Info Pack, you can also chat about the event on the forum

NZRCA Online Magazine (December Edition)

Hope everyone had a great christmas, there are lots of events coming up. So make sure you are fully stocked up with parts. As there will be some great racing to be had.

The latest edition of the NZRCA magazine is out, you can download it here

Make sure you get your entries in for the Racing Lines international also! the entries are flooding in, you can enter and check out the entries on the NHRCCC website

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