2011 Electric on-road nationals at NHRCCC

...well that's according to the recently updated NZRCA Events page

Event: 2011 On-Road Electric Nationals

Host Club: NHRCCC

Date: 11th - 13th February

Whangarei Winter 200 details

Here's some details regarding the Whangarei Winter 200 that forum user 'BAZ' has sent through.

Whangarei Winter 200

Date: 10 July
Racing Starts: 1:00pm

Download the PDF with all the details

Stay tuned for more details at: http://winter200.wrccc.co.nz

Will will be running some support races this year
The format will be 
10:00 track setup
11:15 3x 10 minute for stock NZRCA rules with lipo batterys 
3x 10 minute for corr trucks counties rules 
3x 5 minute practice for mini

Scoring will be on points 

12:30 ½ a hour practice for mini 

1pm start the big race

4:30 prize giving 

Cost for the support races are $5.00 per car

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NZ RCRacing Magazine - April Edition

2010 April edition of the NZRCA Radio Control Car Online Magazine

Download and read the first 2010 edition of the NZRCA online magazine. This is jam packed with RC Related news and stories.

This edition has reports for the following and more inside:

2010 Nroth Island I.C Off Road Champs
2010 NZRCA Electric On-Road Nationals
2009 IC Off-road Nationals
201 Racing Lines International
Talk with Tim Mckay
Team Associated RC18R review

Download it here

Gisborne models new website, location and contact details

I'm sure you would have noticed their ad (thanks Gisborne models for your support!) on the home page. They have contacted us with information regarding change in contact details:

Their contact details as follows:
# 155A Grey Street
# Gisborne 4010
# New Zealand
# Phone: 06-863-3312
# info@gisbornemodels.co.nz

They also have a brand new website up which you can visit at http://www.gisbornemodels.co.nz/

2010 Electric onroad nationals pro12 setup

Here's my setup from the nationals this year for my 12r5.1:

I began testing with my 4.5t X12 LRP but it had too much torque for the traction at Christchurch, and it was getting too hot for me to gear it any taller. my Novak 4.5t lite wasn't soo bad, as it has a smoother torque range, but that and the LRP were sucking out most of 1s Lipo battery, and there's nothing worse then if you are in a final and you are unsure if you are going to dump or not. I put in my LRP 7.5t X11 (same motor i ran at the last nationals), and there was a lot less torque which was good, and I kept gearing it up and up and up, as well as cranking the timing on the ESC until it reached the perfect temp. I originally started with a gear ratio of 96 spur 35 pinion, and ended up at the end of the weekend with an 88 spur and a 46 pinion with the motor running at 60 degrees, and only 3300mah used in the whole 8 minute race.

I tried the jaco double pink front tyres throughout the weekend also, but it gave too much initial steering, and the tyres wore out extremely quick.

Changes I made to stock setup (which can't be seen on the setup sheet):

  • Put shims either side of the front wishbones to make the front wider, which settles the car down greatly.

  • Put 1 more rear shim in at the back each side to make the rear slightly wider for more mid-exit corner grip.

  • Used the Small ackerman shims for slightly less steering

  • Cut the center shock shaft 10mm, as standard it wasn't giving enough forward droop

  • replaced carbide diff balls with ceramic

Setup sheet:
Team Associated 12r5.1 2010 electric on-road nationals setup

NZRCA website revamp

Check out the new and improved NZRCA website http://nzrca.co.nz/

2010 Electric on-road nationals videos

Here are a few vids taken at the 2010 Electric On-road radio control car nationals held at the Christchurch Radio Control Car Club:


pro12 A Final round 1:

pro12 A Final round 2:

pro12 A Final round 3:

Super stock touring A Final round 1:

Super stock touring A Final round 2:

Super stock touring A Final round 3:

Touring Modified A Final Round 1:

Touring Modified A Final Round 3:

Touring Modified B Final Round 1:

Mini A Final Round 2:

2010 Southern Clash 20th - 21sh March 2010

Here's some info about the southern class from Jamie Scott


The annual Southern Clash will be hosted by the Dunedin Radio Enthusiasts Car Club at our track located in St Kilda Dunedin. The event will cater for, Touring Car Stock, Open Modified, Novice Touring, Super Stock, 1/10 IC 2WD, 1/10 IC 4WD ,1/8 IC, Mini (M Chassis), Pro 12

the event will be run fully on Saturday the 20th with Sunday 21st used as a rain delay day

You can register here on-line for the event and find out details about the event.
http://southernclash.agilityhoster.com/ ... sh0210.php
A live reporting system is available for you to see in real time as entries come in.
The 2010 Southern Clash is happy to be sponsored by
Good Hi Fi

The Southern Clash will be run over Saturday and Sunday 20-21/10/2009.
The Sunday will be used as the rain day.
The event will be run under the NZRCA rules current at the time of the event.

2010 New Zealand Electric off-road nationals Entry form

click to download the 2010 Electric off-road nationals entry form

Entries close on the 15th March, and the event runs from 2-4 April.

You can discuss this event in the 2010 Off Road EP Nationals thread in the forums

Electric On-road Nationals Finals Day

The finals have begun under lower cloud, that was fog earlier in the day.

The certain winners after Round 2 are

Ivan Ho in Super Stock

Steven Jovanovic in Touring Modified

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