2006 Electric Nationals

Alycat - Meet Summary

Fastest Times of Day
Touring Stock (5 min's)
Name ID# Best Time Best Lap
Ivan Ho 12/5m14.50s 0m25.24s
David Waldmeyer 12/5m19.86s 0m25.84s
Michael Jones 12/5m21.66s 0m26.14s
Stephen Li 11/5m0.73s 0m26.19s
Bevan Wong 11/5m4.99s 0m26.48s
Daniel Webber 11/5m8.65s 0m26.44s
Scott Kendall 11/5m8.75s 0m26.88s
Craig Lamb 11/5m10.60s 0m26.79s
Jeff Fowler 11/5m11.65s 0m27.44s
Patrick Dench 11/5m12.20s 0m26.74s
Sam Mears 11/5m12.90s 0m27.54s
Michael Grainger 11/5m15.10s 0m27.69s
Malcolm Lester 11/5m18.01s 0m27.69s
Jason Marshall 11/5m20.46s 0m27.29s
Pearce Stephens 11/5m25.71s 0m28.14s
Kevin Davey 11/5m27.07s 0m28.24s
Simon Wilks 11/5m27.37s 0m28.74s
David Hodgins 11/5m27.72s 0m28.09s
Andre Almond 11/5m29.12s 0m28.49s
Mitchell VanDerWeert 10/4m57.93s 0m28.59s
Cameron Dench 10/5m5.34s 0m28.59s
Daniel Hodgins 10/5m6.19s 0m29.19s
Neville Grainger 10/5m10.50s 0m29.09s
Jeremy Wells 10/5m16.66s 0m29.59s
Justin MacFarlane 10/5m17.16s 0m29.89s
Nick Jamieson 10/5m18.66s 0m30.29s
Karl Hodgins 9/5m7.74s 0m30.44s
Mini (5 min's)
Name ID# Best Time Best Lap
David Waldmeyer 15/5m18.76s 0m20.73s
Stephen Li 14/5m4.59s 0m20.58s
Sam Hanna-Cooney 14/5m6.04s 0m20.88s
Pearce Stephens 14/5m23.06s 0m22.03s
Justin MacFarlane 13/5m18.91s 0m21.93s
Touring Modified (5 min's)
Name ID# Best Time Best Lap
Ivan Ho 14/5m19.91s 0m22.14s
Ian Rickerby 14/5m23.02s 0m22.08s
Mark Harling 13/5m7.50s 0m22.63s
Pearce Stephens 13/5m11.85s 0m22.78s
Sam Hanna-Cooney 13/5m13.95s 0m23.18s
Jessica Ho 13/5m16.40s 0m22.53s
Bev Winter 13/5m20.81s 0m23.53s
Mark Bidlake 13/5m23.86s 0m23.79s
Scott Kendall 13/5m26.42s 0m23.19s
Adam Kerr 13/5m28.17s 0m23.68s
Sam Mears 12/5m2.23s 0m23.34s
Jayson Puklowski 12/5m4.44s 0m23.48s
Jason Marshall 12/5m4.59s 0m24.04s
Amit Diar 12/5m15.55s 0m24.89s
Geoff Baxter 12/5m30.43s 0m24.93s

Results of All Rounds
Touring Stock A
Pos Name ID# Rnd 1 Rnd 2 Rnd 3 Rnd 4 Rnd 5 Rnd 6 Rnd 7 Final Leg 1 Final Leg 2 Final Leg 3 Combined
1st Ivan Ho 12/5m17.31s 12/5m14.50s 12/5m20.46s 12/5m17.05s DNS 12/5m16.80s 12/5m15.35s 12/5m19.66s 12/5m21.01s 12/5m26.37s* 24/10m40.67s
2nd Michael Jones 11/5m10.75s 12/5m25.42s 11/5m0.63s 12/5m25.62s 12/5m21.66s 12/5m23.41s 0/0m2.70s 12/5m27.22s 12/5m23.37s 11/5m1.18s* 24/10m50.59s
3rd Bevan Wong 11/5m26.07s 11/5m10.65s 11/5m8.60s 11/5m8.14s 11/5m4.99s 4/1m58.47s 11/5m7.24s 11/5m5.14s 11/5m6.79s 11/5m10.45s* 22/10m11.93s
4th David Waldmeyer 12/5m23.36s 12/5m19.86s 10/5m25.86s 11/5m15.00s 11/5m8.65s 11/5m2.99s 10/5m16.60s 11/5m6.55s 11/5m8.49s 11/5m13.70s* 22/10m15.04s
5th Daniel Webber 11/5m20.11s 11/5m9.19s 11/5m20.86s 4/1m57.17s 8/5m7.69s DNS 11/5m14.66s 11/5m16.25s 11/5m8.65s 11/5m25.22s* 22/10m24.90s
6th Craig Lamb 5/2m53.80s 11/5m26.77s 5/2m37.33s 11/5m23.56s 11/5m19.26s 11/5m10.60s 10/5m2.28s 11/5m10.74s 11/5m17.91s 11/5m22.36s* 22/10m28.65s
7th Stephen Li DNS 11/5m10.85s 11/5m17.55s DNS 11/5m12.60s 11/5m6.14s 11/5m0.73s 11/5m9.64s 11/5m30.98s* 11/5m19.91s 22/10m29.55s
8th Scott Kendall DNS DNS 11/5m29.78s 11/5m16.21s 11/5m8.75s 11/5m16.16s 11/5m13.20s 11/5m17.75s 8/4m0.95s* 11/5m17.86s 22/10m35.61s
9th Patrick Dench 11/5m22.76s 11/5m12.20s 11/5m17.10s 11/5m25.37s 11/5m19.11s 11/5m29.03s 10/5m12.20s 11/5m23.56s 10/5m2.84s 10/5m7.54s* 21/10m26.40s
10th Jeff Fowler 11/5m22.36s 11/5m25.67s 11/5m20.61s 11/5m14.70s 11/5m16.70s 5/2m29.27s 11/5m11.65s 10/5m1.23s 10/5m0.83s 5/3m12.28s* 20/10m2.06s
*result dropped
Touring Stock B
Pos Name ID# Rnd 1 Rnd 2 Rnd 3 Rnd 4 Rnd 5 Rnd 6 Rnd 7 Final Leg 1 Final Leg 2 Final Leg 3 Combined
1st Sam Mears 7/3m26.80s 9/4m36.85s 11/5m15.21s 10/5m7.29s 11/5m23.12s 11/5m12.90s 11/5m18.26s 11/5m20.81s* 11/5m16.55s 11/5m15.55s 22/10m32.10s
2nd Jason Marshall 2/1m6.80s 8/5m5.04s 10/5m0.43s 10/5m0.28s 11/5m21.56s 10/5m12.50s 11/5m21.76s 11/5m25.11s 10/5m4.49s* 11/5m20.46s 22/10m45.57s
3rd Michael Grainger 11/5m22.96s 11/5m24.77s 11/5m24.31s 10/5m11.50s 11/5m15.86s 10/5m0.43s 11/5m15.10s 10/5m6.99s 10/5m24.12s* 11/5m28.62s 21/10m35.61s
4th Malcolm Lester 11/5m28.52s 11/5m22.46s 11/5m20.31s 11/5m26.67s 11/5m18.01s 11/5m21.16s 11/5m19.35s 10/5m9.29s* 10/5m0.03s 10/5m0.98s 20/10m1.01s
5th Simon Wilks 9/5m23.82s 10/5m7.54s 0/0m3.16s 10/5m3.24s 3/1m44.20s 11/5m27.37s 10/5m20.16s 10/5m8.89s 10/5m11.92s* 10/5m7.19s 20/10m16.08s
6th David Hodgins 11/5m30.62s 10/5m0.28s 10/5m18.00s 11/5m27.72s 10/5m7.25s 10/5m1.33s 10/5m2.03s 10/5m8.04s 10/5m11.30s 10/5m11.60s* 20/10m19.34s
7th Pearce Stephens DNS 6/2m56.06s 9/4m23.52s DNS 10/5m8.00s 10/5m3.64s 11/5m25.71s 10/5m16.95s 10/5m22.56s* 10/5m3.58s 20/10m20.53s
8th Andre Almond 9/5m8.34s 10/5m26.57s DNS 10/5m19.71s 9/4m53.68s 10/5m27.82s 11/5m29.12s 2/1m8.09s* 10/5m9.04s 10/5m15.05s 20/10m24.09s
9th Mitchell VanDerWeert 10/4m57.93s 10/5m5.64s 10/5m2.13s 10/5m6.29s 10/5m17.76s 10/5m24.82s 10/5m0.13s 8/5m10.69s* 10/5m14.00s 10/5m19.01s 20/10m33.01s
10th Kevin Davey DNS DNS DNS DNS 10/5m11.49s 11/5m27.07s 10/5m1.76s 1/0m51.97s* 9/5m16.25s 10/5m11.65s 19/10m27.90s
*result dropped
Touring Stock C
Pos Name ID# Rnd 1 Rnd 2 Rnd 3 Rnd 4 Rnd 5 Rnd 6 Rnd 7 Final Leg 1 Final Leg 2 Final Leg 3 Combined
1st Daniel Hodgins 10/5m8.09s 10/5m9.59s 10/5m10.75s 10/5m10.09s 10/5m11.00s 10/5m9.24s 10/5m8.94s 10/5m6.19s 10/5m22.17s 0/0m2.81s* 20/10m28.36s
2nd Cameron Dench 9/5m22.81s 10/5m5.34s 10/5m27.82s 10/5m12.35s 10/5m28.83s 10/5m9.70s 10/5m8.09s 10/5m7.24s 10/5m24.52s 9/5m11.70s* 20/10m31.76s
3rd Neville Grainger 10/5m15.46s 10/5m11.00s 10/5m27.77s 10/5m12.60s 10/5m10.50s 10/5m17.61s 10/5m18.95s 10/5m13.30s 2/1m50.66s* 10/5m23.42s 20/10m36.72s
4th Nick Jamieson 9/5m2.18s 9/5m1.14s 3/1m52.61s 9/5m8.29s 8/4m32.09s 10/5m26.99s 9/5m17.71s 8/5m1.63s* 10/5m18.66s 9/5m11.15s 19/10m29.81s
5th Jeremy Wells DNS 9/5m1.43s 0/0m3.51s 10/5m21.71s DNS DNS 10/5m17.06s 9/5m16.65s 10/5m16.66s 5/2m47.15s* 19/10m33.31s
6th Justin MacFarlane 9/5m0.99s 9/4m52.22s 10/5m38.54s 0/0m3.81s 9/5m1.74s 10/5m17.16s 10/5m21.76s 9/5m5.34s 9/5m0.54s 8/5m9.45s* 18/10m5.88s
7th Karl Hodgins 7/5m9.09s 7/5m24.07s 7/5m28.27s 7/5m5.54s 7/5m14.50s 9/5m25.57s 9/5m7.74s 9/5m9.49s 9/5m29.78s 8/5m3.99s* 18/10m39.27s
*result dropped
Touring Stock D
Pos Name ID# Final Combined
*result dropped
Pos Name ID# Rnd 1 Rnd 2 Rnd 3 Rnd 4 Rnd 5 Rnd 6 Rnd 7 Final Leg 1 Final Leg 2 Final Leg 3 Combined
1st David Waldmeyer 14/5m5.24s 15/5m18.76s 14/5m12.05s DNS 14/5m1.19s 14/5m8.79s 14/5m4.28s 14/5m3.34s 14/5m2.83s 14/5m6.70s* 28/10m6.17s
2nd Stephen Li 13/5m0.33s 14/5m16.35s 14/5m16.45s 14/5m12.10s 14/5m11.95s 14/5m8.09s 13/5m16.85s 14/5m4.59s 13/5m2.38s* 14/5m8.90s 28/10m13.49s
3rd Sam Hanna-Cooney 14/5m21.51s 14/5m11.00s 13/5m6.59s 14/5m12.80s 14/5m10.95s 13/5m0.73s 14/5m7.69s 14/5m6.04s 14/5m9.14s 14/5m9.90s* 28/10m15.18s
4th Pearce Stephens 13/5m17.01s 13/5m4.64s 12/5m6.19s 13/5m8.99s 13/5m9.40s 13/5m19.46s DNS 14/5m23.06s 13/5m9.64s* 13/5m8.10s 27/10m31.16s
5th Justin MacFarlane 2/5m13.85s 7/5m26.02s 5/5m14.60s 2/1m56.27s 10/5m25.32s 4/1m48.65s 12/5m17.60s 13/5m18.91s 12/5m10.29s 12/5m20.97s* 25/10m29.20s
*result dropped
Touring Modified A
Pos Name ID# Rnd 1 Rnd 2 Rnd 3 Rnd 4 Rnd 5 Rnd 6 Rnd 7 Final Leg 1 Final Leg 2 Final Leg 3 Combined
1st Ivan Ho 13/5m17.21s 1/0m26.09s 13/5m9.60s 13/5m2.49s 14/5m19.91s 13/5m6.04s 13/5m3.04s 13/5m2.63s 14/5m23.41s 13/5m5.04s* 27/10m26.04s
2nd Ian Rickerby 13/5m8.90s 13/5m8.24s 13/5m4.69s 13/5m19.86s 14/5m23.02s 13/5m7.75s 14/5m23.72s 13/5m6.94s 13/5m1.53s 8/3m8.28s* 26/10m8.47s
3rd Mark Harling 13/5m12.85s 13/5m7.99s 13/5m13.05s 8/3m8.38s 6/2m22.66s 9/3m34.01s 13/5m9.85s 13/5m9.54s 13/5m11.80s* 13/5m7.50s 26/10m17.04s
4th Sam Hanna-Cooney 11/5m11.80s 10/5m30.17s 9/5m18.46s 12/5m6.65s 12/5m2.79s 12/5m1.08s 11/5m12.65s 12/5m0.99s* 13/5m13.95s 13/5m21.32s 26/10m35.27s
5th Jessica Ho 12/5m11.10s 12/5m2.58s 12/5m8.40s 2/2m37.67s 12/5m13.95s 12/5m4.39s 13/5m21.17s 13/5m23.26s 13/5m16.40s 13/5m24.32s* 26/10m39.66s
6th Bev Winter 12/5m4.14s 12/5m14.15s 12/5m14.05s 12/5m6.95s 13/5m20.81s 12/5m2.44s 12/5m6.14s 12/5m15.45s* 12/5m9.59s 13/5m23.87s 25/10m33.46s
7th Pearce Stephens 13/5m23.92s 12/5m18.11s 13/5m18.01s 13/5m16.56s 13/5m14.05s 13/5m20.86s 12/5m2.34s 2/0m50.82s* 11/4m21.98s 13/5m11.85s 24/9m33.83s
8th Scott Kendall 12/5m9.05s 12/5m12.15s 13/5m26.42s 1/0m35.05s 12/5m15.25s 12/5m6.89s 10/5m14.35s 12/4m55.77s 7/5m5.59s* 12/5m1.39s 24/9m57.16s
9th Sam Mears 1/0m35.01s 12/5m19.86s 12/5m21.97s 12/5m2.23s 11/4m45.31s 12/5m9.85s 12/5m12.05s 12/5m12.45s 12/5m17.51s* 12/5m10.75s 24/10m23.20s
10th Mark Bidlake 12/5m16.21s 12/5m17.00s 12/5m2.29s 13/5m23.86s 12/5m8.90s 12/5m24.67s 10/4m39.86s 12/5m0.93s 11/5m1.18s DNS* 23/10m2.11s
*result dropped
Touring Modified B
Pos Name ID# Rnd 1 Rnd 2 Rnd 3 Rnd 4 Rnd 5 Rnd 6 Rnd 7 Final Leg 1 Final Leg 2 Final Leg 3 Combined
1st Adam Kerr 7/3m43.18s 12/5m18.11s 6/2m51.55s 8/5m2.88s 11/4m40.96s 12/5m18.61s DNS 12/5m3.63s 13/5m28.17s 12/5m15.56s* 25/10m31.80s
2nd Jason Marshall 8/3m59.50s 11/5m10.95s 10/5m19.86s 11/5m14.80s 11/5m24.12s 12/5m15.06s DNS 0/0m2.40s* 12/5m10.10s 12/5m4.59s 24/10m14.69s
3rd Jayson Puklowski 12/5m21.26s 12/5m16.66s 11/5m4.89s 12/5m24.72s 10/4m19.67s 12/5m13.65s 12/5m4.44s 12/5m13.70s 0/0m2.05s* 12/5m40.89s 24/10m54.59s
4th Geoff Baxter 11/5m8.25s 11/5m8.30s 11/5m14.06s 11/5m4.63s 11/5m7.50s 11/5m14.76s 12/5m36.49s 11/5m21.31s* 11/5m3.79s 12/5m30.43s 23/10m34.22s
5th Amit Diar 11/5m6.14s 7/5m5.69s 11/5m9.15s 11/5m29.23s 11/5m11.10s 12/5m25.17s 11/5m13.70s 0/0m13.07s* 12/5m15.55s 8/5m2.59s 20/10m18.14s
*result dropped

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