2005 Electric On-Road Nationals
Meet Summary

Fastest Times of Day

Mini (5 min's)  
Name ID# Best Time Best Lap
Stephen Li 13/5m17.475s 26.001
David Waldmeyer 13/5m20.278s 25.919
Aaron Young 13/5m20.435s 26.229
Stephen Joblin 13/5m23.866s 26.165
Jessica Ho 13/5m25.593s 26.199
Phillip Wong 12/5m0.446s 26.203
Robert Watson 12/5m5.704s 26.47
Glynn Danaher 12/5m6.249s 26.786
Sam Cooney 12/5m6.383s 25.916
Steve Penniall 12/5m7.659s 27.072
Lance Dowson 12/5m7.976s 27.226
Les Taylor 12/5m10.627s 26.956
Gary Young 12/5m19.425s 28.146
Chris Mailman 11/5m0.112s 27.471
David Old 11/5m10.518s 25.81  
Pro 12 (8 min's)  
Name ID# Best Time Best Lap
Darren Johnston 27/8m12.218s 17.899
Greg Mawson 25/8m13.033s 19.337
Scott Kendall 24/8m4.378s 20.122
Travis Moan 24/8m7.092s 19.884
Peter Chang 21/8m7.479s 21.932  
Stock (5 min's)  
Name ID# Best Time Best Lap
John Van Beers 16/5m14.295s 20.252
David Waldmeyer 16/5m16.202s 20.454
Leon Dravitzki 16/5m20.678s 20.71
Ivan Ho 16/5m21.999s 20.365
Murray Hodges 15/5m0.621s 20.44
Karl Meyer 15/5m3.836s 20.967
Bevan Wong 15/5m5.594s 20.806
Scott Brownhill 15/5m12.653s 21.49
Stephen Li 15/5m13.614s 21.146
Tim Warner 15/5m15.299s 21.182
Mal Southgate 15/5m15.824s 20.907
Kevin Warner 15/5m16.601s 21.002
Scott Kendall 15/5m18.990s 21.45
Sam Cooney 15/5m19.112s 15.16
Russell Silfleet 15/5m22.950s 21.717
Stephen Joblin 14/5m1.558s 22.068
Steve Penniall 14/5m3.014s 21.803
Blake Old 14/5m4.795s 22.082
Peter Thompson 14/5m7.410s 21.612
Peter Chang 14/5m10.545s 22.782
Gary Young 14/5m11.920s 22.686
Jayson Puklowski 14/5m12.250s 22.774
Rob Warner 14/5m16.737s 22.791
Jason Marshall 14/5m18.368s 22.949
Mike Andrews 14/5m23.683s 14.577
Stuart Warner 13/5m3.402s 23.403
Andrew Jordan 13/5m4.226s 23.131
Jamie Linwood 13/5m10.196s 23.84  
Modified (5 min's)  
Name ID# Best Time Best Lap
Darren Johnston 18/5m0.230s 17.217
Jussi Luopajarvi 18/5m0.274s 17.303
Ivan Ho 18/5m4.672s 17.097
Karl Meyer 18/5m7.508s 17.497
Aaron Young 18/5m7.995s 17.449
Stephen Li 18/5m16.286s 18.133
Phillip Wong 18/5m22.922s 17.721
Scott Brownhill 17/5m5.326s 18.176
Gilbert Ko 17/5m10.498s 18.397
Peter Thompson 17/5m15.593s 18.681  
Pro Stock (5 min's)  
Name ID# Best Time Best Lap
Ivan Ho 17/5m15.638s 19.202
Phillip Wong 16/5m0.698s 19.454
John Van Beers 16/5m1.134s 19.164
Scott Brownhill 16/5m2.007s 19.64
Leon Dravitzki 16/5m4.968s 19.585
Tim Warner 16/5m6.841s 19.723
Trevor Waldmeyer 16/5m6.876s 19.496
Travis Moan 16/5m8.700s 19.688
Lance Dowson 16/5m9.396s 19.81
Greg Mawson 16/5m9.672s 20.095
Robert Watson 16/5m10.482s 19.451
Murray Hodges 16/5m13.647s 19.86
Bev Winter 16/5m17.082s 20.42
Jayson Puklowski 16/5m17.364s 20.379
Scott Kendall 15/5m0.160s 20.952
Pearce Stephens 15/5m6.565s 20.574
Mal Southgate 14/5m2.082s 20.67
Les Taylor 14/5m2.102s 21.48
Rob Warner 14/5m3.723s 20.508
Jason Marshall 12/5m2.075s 22.283  

Results of All Rounds
Mini A  
Pos Name ID# Rnd 1 Rnd 2 Rnd 3 Main 1 Main 2 Main 3 Combined
1st Stephen Li    12/5m0.041s 12/5m9.282s 12/5m6.432s 13/5m17.475s 13/5m18.697s 13/5m18.701s 26/10m36.172s
2nd David Waldmeyer 13/5m24.904s 12/5m5.755s 13/*5m21.143s 13/5m25.154s 13/5m20.278s 13/5m21.923s 26/10m42.201s
3rd Aaron Young (TQ)  12/5m7.301s 13/*5m20.435s 13/5m20.552s 13/5m21.738s 12/5m0.072s 13/5m21.506s 26/10m43.244s
4th Jessica Ho  12/*5m7.034s 12/5m8.402s 12/5m7.162s 13/5m25.593s 12/5m3.946s 12/5m2.274s 25/10m27.867s
5th Stephen Joblin     12/5m13.635s 12/*5m4.325s 12/5m8.851s 12/5m7.175s 12/5m10.240s 13/5m23.866s 25/10m31.041s
6th Phillip Wong 12/*5m6.821s 12/5m7.195s 12/5m10.565s 12/5m0.446s 12/5m1.259s 12/5m1.598s 24/10m1.705s
7th Robert Watson  12/5m7.040s 12/*5m5.815s 12/5m12.843s 12/5m15.163s 12/5m5.704s 12/5m6.313s 24/10m12.017s
8th Sam Cooney 12/5m14.887s 12/5m13.882s 12/*5m7.777s 12/5m6.383s 12/5m6.908s 12/5m6.729s 24/10m13.112s
9th Glynn Danaher     12/5m18.135s 11/5m9.874s 12/*5m11.464s 12/5m23.113s 12/5m6.249s 12/5m16.238s 24/10m22.487s
10th Lance Dowson  12/5m9.541s 12/*5m7.976s 12/5m10.968s 12/5m20.962s 12/5m20.713s 12/5m10.796s 24/10m31.509s
*result dropped  
Mini B  
Pos Name ID# Rnd 1 Rnd 2 Rnd 3 Main 1 Main 2 Main 3 Combined
1st Steve Penniall     12/5m28.061s 11/5m2.577s 12/*5m18.843s 12/5m20.835s 12/5m14.037s 12/5m7.659s 24/10m21.969s
2nd Les Taylor  11/5m2.474s 11/5m1.933s 12/*5m50.726s 12/5m13.119s 12/5m14.954s 12/5m10.627s 24/10m23.746s
3rd Gary Young  12/*5m23.776s 11/5m4.047s 11/4m55.541s 12/5m19.425s 12/5m23.450s 12/5m20.920s 24/10m40.340s
4th Chris Mailman  11/*5m4.962s 0 11/5m13.173s 11/5m6.010s 11/5m6.932s 11/5m0.112s 22/10m6.122s
5th David Old 11/5m24.940s 11/*5m21.985s 10.5m1.039s 11/5m11.348s 11/5m10.518s 11/5m16.099s 22/10m21.866s
*result dropped  
Pro 12 A  
Pos Name ID# Rnd 1 Rnd 2 Rnd 3 Main 1 Main 2 Main 3 Combined
1st Darren Johnston    5*/1m29.167s  0/0m0.000s 0/0m0.000s 27/8m17.461s 27/8m12.218s 0/0m0.000s 54/8m29.679s
2nd Greg Mawson (TQ) 15/5m8.436s 22/8m0.563s 24/*8m3.689s 25/8m14.065s 25/8m13.033s 24/8m21.978s 50/8m27.098s
3rd Scott Kendall 8/2m45.418s 23/8m6.274s 24/*8m15.361s 21/8m1.459s 22/8m22.814s 24/8m4.378s 46/8m27.192s
4th Travis Moan 15/5m14.713s  24/*8m14.713s 24/8m18.335s 4/1m3.999s 19/6m17.076s 24/8m7.092s 43/8m24.168s
5th Peter Chang  13/5m16.791s 19/*8m23.840s 17/8m17.782s 21/8m13.127s 21/8m7.479s 17/8m20.865s 42/8m20.606s
*result dropped  
Stock A  
Pos Name ID# Rnd 1 Rnd 2 Rnd 3 Main 1 Main 2 Main 3 Combined
1st John Van Beers (TQ)  16/5m21.737s 15/5m3.027s 16/*5m18.858s 16/5m14.295s 16/5m18.989s 16/5m18.101s 32/10m32.396s
2nd Leon Dravitzki     15/5m5.237s 15/5m5.013s 16/*5m20.678s 16/5m21.378s 16/5m21.337s 15/5m1.895s 32/10m42.713s
3rd David Waldmeyer 15/5m9.715s 16/5m20.692s 16/*20.515s 15/5m10.373s 3/0m46.228s 16/5m16.202s 31/10m26.575s
4th Ivan Ho 16/*5m21.999s 15/5m14.772s 10/5m17.735s 16/5m27.697s 15/5m2.250s 15/5m15.349s 31/10m29.947s
5th Murray Hodges 15/5m6.039s 15/*5m0.621s 15/5m3.318s 15/5m2.410s 15/5m16.568s 15/5m6.595s 30/10m9.605s
6th Bevan Wong 15/5m10.909s 15/*5m5.594s 15/5m7.171s 15/5m10.642s 14/5m2.683s 15/5m15.577s 30/10m26.219s
7th Scott Brownhill     14/5m13.211s 15/5m17.614s 15/*5m12.653s 15/5m16.268s 15/5m18.614s 1/0m2.333s 30/10m34.882s
8th Stephen Li     15/5m17.504s 15/5m22.801s 15/*5m13.614s 15/5m19.204s 13/5m1.649s 15/5m17.841s 30/10m37.045s
9th Tim Warner 14/4m57.641s 14/5m15.981s 15/*5m15.299s 6/2m5.228s 14/5m7.503s 15/5m21.124s 29/10m28.627s
10th Karl Meyer 14/5m8.465s 15/5m14.806s 15/*5m3.836s 15/5m11.564s 0/0m0.000s 0/0m0.000s 15/5m11.564s
*result dropped  
Stock B  
Pos Name ID# Rnd 1 Rnd 2 Rnd 3 Main 1 Main 2 Main 3 Combined
1st Mal Southgate     14/5m13.007s 14/5m7.961s 15/*5m21.703s 15/5m15.824s 15/5m26.544s 13/5m15.377s 30/5m42.368s
2nd Sam Cooney 7/2m33.429s 2/0m50.530s 14/*4m58.406s 14/5m21.906s 15/5m19.112s 14/5m13.323s 29/10m32.435s
3rd Russell Silfleet 14/5m1.046s 15/*5m22.950s 14/5m1.864s 14/5m1.428s 14/5m1.175s 14/5m0.438s 28/10m1.613s
4th Kevin Warner 13/4m29.846s 15/5m19.344s 15/*5m16.601s 14/5m1.740s 14/5m0.290s 13/4m18.074s 28/10m2.03s
5th Stephen Joblin 14/*5m2.975s 14/5m6.907s 14/5m3.103s 14/5m3.033s 14/5m1.558s 14/5m6.128s 28/10m4.591s
6th Scott Kendall 14/5m2.695s 11/4m4.076s 15/*5m18.990s 10/5m27.890s 14/5m2.863s 14/5m16.393s 28/10m19.256s
7th Steve Penniall 13/5m0.081s 14/5m10.065s 14/*5m3.229s 14/5m13.218s 14/5m11.838s 14/5m3.014s 28/10m34.108s
8th Peter Thompson     14/5m10.090s 14/*5m7.410s 13/5m20.955s 14/5m16.973s 14/5m22.558s 14/5m19.308s 28/10m36.281s
9th Peter Chang     8/2m57.257s 14/*5m10.545s 12/5m22.566s 14/5m21.113s 10/3m44.840s 13/5m11.154s 27/10m32.267s
10th Blake Old 14/*5m4.795s 12/5m7.331s 14/5m5.466s 8/2m52.391s 10/5m3.197s 14/5m12.679s 24/10m15.876s
*result dropped  
Stock C  
Pos Name ID# Rnd 1 Rnd 2 Rnd 3 Main 1 Main 2 Main 3 Combined
1st  Gary Young 13/5m0.527s 14/*5m16.488s 14/5m19.912s 14/5m14.088s 14/5m11.920s 14/5m25.644s 28/10m26.008s
2nd Jayson Puklowski     14/5m18.028s 14/*5m16.518s 1/0m2.229s 14/5m12.250s 14/5m15.089s 14/5m19.302s 28/10m27.339s
3rd Mike Andrews     1/5m8.127s 0 13/*5m9.781s 13/5m8.140s 14/5m23.683s 14/5m24.311s 28/10m47.994s
4th Jason Marshall 0 0 0 13/5m13.711s 13/5m6.997s 14/5m18.368s 27/10m25.365s
5th Andrew Jordan 13/5m19.208s 13/*5m8.587s 0 13/5m4.226s 13/5m9.816s 13/5m4.893s 26/10m9.119s
6th Jamie Linwood 0 0 13/*5m22.467s 5/1m46.263s 13/5m10.196s 13/5m12.032s 26/10m22.228s
7th Stuart Warner 0 13/*5m3.402s 10/4m23.211s 1/2m19.655s 13/5m16.676s 13/5m12.473s 26/10m29.149s
8th Rob Warner 12/5m22.498s 6/2m17.721s 14/*5m16.737s 12/5m9.008s 5/1m59.989s 7/3m3.908s 19/10m12.916s
*result dropped  
Modified A  
Pos Name ID# Rnd 1 Rnd 2 Rnd 3 Main 1 Main 2 Main 3 Combined
1st Jussi Luopajarvi (TQ)   18/5m8.748s 18/*5m0.846s 12/3m30.398s 18/5m4.205s 18/5m0.274s 18/5m16.565s 36/10m4.419s
2nd Darren Johnston   18/*5m3.245s 17/5m4.269s 5/1m15.642s 18/5m0.230s 1/0m1.097s 18/5m4.589s 36/10m4.819s
3rd Aaron Young 18/5m17.088s 18/*5m8.605s 0 18/5m10.551s 18/5m7.995s 11/3m9.817s 36/10m18.546s
4th Ivan Ho     18/*5m4.672s 18/5m29.272s 18/5m10.298s 18/5m24.880s 14/5m6.292s 18/5m19.452s 36/10m44.332s
5th Karl Meyer 18/5m15.939s 18/5m16.223s 18/*5m9.014s 17/5m2.722s 17/5m4.595s 18/5m7.508s 35/10m10.230s
6th Phillip Wong 1/0m1.708s 4/*1m16.497s 17/5m14.371s 18/5m22.922s 17/5m22.446s 17/5m7.462s 35/10m30.384s
7th Scott Brownhill  15/5m5.171s 16/*5m4.201s 0 17/5m14.561s 17/5m5.326s 9/2m40.841s 34/10m19.887s
8th Gilbert Ko 17/5m23.270s 17/*5m14.791s 16/5m0.338s 10/2m59.025s 17/5m10.498s 16/5m5.707s 33/10m16.205s
9th Stephen Li 17/*5m7.311s 3/3m31.158s 18/5m16.286s 7/1m59.420s 17/5m2.318s 15/5m2.105s 32/10m4.423s
10th Peter Thompson 16/5m16.165s 1/0m1.704s 17/*5m15.593s 14/5m9.954s 9/2m48.888s 16/5m5.249s 30/10m15.203s
*result dropped  
Modified B  
Pos Name ID# Rnd 1 Rnd 2 Rnd 3 Main 1 Main 2 Main 3 Combined
1st Peter Chang 12/5m0.354s 9/3m8.339s  14/*5m3.022s 0 0 0 0
*result dropped  
Pro Stock A  
Pos Name ID# Rnd 1 Rnd 2 Rnd 3 Main 1 Main 2 Main 3 Combined
1st Ivan Ho (TQ) 17/*5m15.638s 16/5m7.796s 16/5m1.930s 16/5m9.588s 16/5m11.348s 17/5m15.916s 33/10m25.504s
2nd Scott Brownhill 16/5m10.293s 16/*5m2.007s 16/5m12.442s 16/5m6.155s 16/5m5.636s 16/5m8.914s 32/10m11.791s
3rd Leon Dravitzki 16/*5m7.587s 16/5m17.954s 16/5m9.568s 16/5m9.455s 16/5m4.968s 16/5m7.327s 32/10m12.295s
4th Trevor Waldmeyer 13/5m11.368s 16/5m17.546s 16/*5m6.876s 16/5m12.785s 16/5m17.460s 16/5m8.351s 32/10m21.136s
5th John Van Beers     16/5m10.854s 0 16/5m1.134s 16/5m3.080s 16/5m19.428s 16/5m18.480s 32/10m21.560s
6th Phillip Wong 16/5m12.374s 16/*5m0.698s 16/5m5.567s 16/5m10.557s 16/5m16.419s 16/5m15.220s 32/10m25.777s
 7th Tim Warner 16/5m12.686s 16/*5m6.841s 10/3m12.856s 3/8m19.000s 16/5m16.869s 16/5m11.966s 32/10m28.835s
8th Lance Dowson 16/5m14.271s 16/5m9.396s 16/*5m5.204s 16/5m15.824s 5/1m27.575s 16/5m15.794s 32/10m31.618s
9th Robert Watson     16/*5m10.482s 16/5m14.954s 15/5m9.091s 15/5m2.029s 16/5m21.080s 15/5m6.632s 31/10m23.109s
10th Murray Hodges     15/5m3.025s 16/5m20.335s 16/*5m13.647s 15/5m14.078s 15/5m1.033s 15/5m3.608s 30/10m4.641s
*result dropped  
Pro Stock B  
Pos Name ID# Rnd 1 Rnd 2 Rnd 3 Main 1 Main 2 Main 3 Combined
1st Greg Mawson 15/5m10.109s 15/5m16.688s 16/*5m18.093s 16/5m9.672s 16/5m13.268s 16/5m11.045s 32/10m20.717s
2nd Travis Moan  16/5m20.723s 16/*5m18.947s 16/5m21.720s 16/5m20.591s 16/5m16.483s 16/5m8.700s 32/10m25.183s
3rd Jayson Puklowski 14/4m52.380s 15/5m4.902s 16/*5m18.093s 14/5m4.786s  15/5m0.476s 15/5m5.052s 30/10m5.528s
4th Scott Kendall 15/5m19.531s  15/*5m8.285s 15/5m13.014s 15/5m18.838s  15/5m12.904s 15/5m0.160s 30/10m13.064s
5th Bev Winter 15/5m5.665s 16/*5m17.082s 16/5m21.222s 15/5m16.356s 15/5m2.742s 15/5m10.995s 30/10m13.737s
6th Les Taylor 12/5m6.616s 14/*5m19.639s 14/5m21.573s 12/5m9.620s 14/5m2.102s 14/5m12.154s 28/10m14.256s
7th Rob Warner 14/5m14.272s 14/*5m3.723s 14/5m5.967s 11/4m14.874s 14/5m17.971s 2/0m33.376s 25/10m32.811s
8th Mal Southgate 14/*5m2.082s 7/3m18.563s 12/4m17.112s 9/3m18.535s 14/5m17.322s 9/3m11.304s 23/10m28.626s
9th Pearce Stephens 14/5m15.657s 13/5m7.556s 15/*5m12.966s 15/5m6.565s 7/2m13.491s 0/0m0.000s 22/10m20.056s
10th Jason Marshall 0 0 0 5/1m58.265s 2/0m43.027s 12/5m2.075s 17/6m60.340s
*result dropped  

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