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Matt van der Haas
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Tue Sep 09, 2014 1:33 pm

mike nzos wrote:Hi Guys

Mike Potton from NZ On Screen here.

Glad everyone is enjoying the telefeature, sorry it took a few years to get up, but we got there in end!

While researching the title we came across this thread, we would love to feature on our page the production photos above along with the scanned letter from ITV.

Matt and Dennis if you could please make contact with me at that would be fantastic. For the photos I need to know who shot them to get permission from them, and for the scan I just need email permission form yourself Dennis.

Hi Mike,

Great stuff that you're able to get it on the nzonscreen website! Bit of an upgrade from the copy I have that I digitally converted from VHS which was recorded off TV2 when it originally aired on TV haha.

You've got an email :)


Dennis Ware wrote:Hi Matt,
I and several other members of the ARCCC where involved with the R/C car part of the production - we had several meetings with Impact TV to advise on technical aspect involving
the cars and assisted at the Mt Richmond track during filming.
I can see myself in the red and dark blue cap along with Colin Capie in one of your photos you posted.
Do you have anymore photos?
I have scanned some memorabilia i have from those days which you may find interesting which i have attached.
I would also love to view the series again.
I remember recording it on VHS tape back then but it has since long gone landfill i expect.
Dennis Ware.
I forgot to comment on this. Great imagery you've got there! I think I've got one or two more photos flying around somewhere, but i'm not 100%

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