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A new club has been added to the RCRacer forum, it's the Christchurch Indoor Radio Controlled Car Club.
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Forum has been upgraded

The forum has been updated, it may take up to a day for some of you to stop seeing errors, as we had to change a few settings that take a while to update for everyone.

The theme that is used now will be tweaked over the next few days like colours, layout etc.


Some Updates - 28th March 2017

Hi everyone, we apologize for the lack of updates lately.

I've managed to do a few changes to the website.

The first one is a mobile view for the 'non forum' area, so now you don't have to zoom in with your phone to view the website properly, I've also made the forum button a highlight so it'll be easy to get to (on mobile).

The second thing is I've done some work on the events page, this has a bit of a catalog of events we have in our system, like where the event was held, when it was held, and a link to results if we have them. So check out the new Events Page.

If you have any results or info about an event that isn't listed here, then please contact us

Upcoming this week, we're upgrading the forum to a new version, please go here for more information

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2015 Electric on-road North Island Results

Results from this event have been posted in the forum in PDF format.Download here

Full breakdown of the event should be posted in the coming days.

NHRCCC this weekend

Are you racing at NHRCCC this weekend? (28th February 2015)

You must register your vehicle details so you will be let through checkpoints, as the Aussie vs NZ Cricket match is just around the corner (Go Southee and McCullum!!)

More details can be found here:

2015 Electric on-road Nationals results

Here are the results we have so far. We will update to the full list when it becomes available.

Touring Modified
1st - Luke Duthie
2nd - Simon Noton
3rd - Jayden Duthie
4th - David Beck
5th - Nigel Bish
6th - Rob Stephens
7th - Leon Dravitzki
8th - Jamie Holmes
9th - Ian Rickerby
10th - Shane Mangu

Touring Super Stock
1st - Luke Duthie
2nd - Leon Dravitzki
3rd - Simon Noton
4th - Jamie Holmes
5th - Sam Mears
6th - Jayden Duthie
7th - Shane Mangu
8th - Ricky Field
9th - Scott Kendall
10th - Rob Stephens

Touring Stock
1st - Tony McMahon
2nd - Rob Stephens
3rd - Shane Mangu
4th - Anthony Mara
5th - Mike King
6th - Nick Pow
7th - Ricky Field
8th - Steve Branch
9th - Neville Bishop
10th - Philip Bateman

Formula One
1st - Nigel Bish
2nd - Russell Everton
3rd - Shane Gollop
4th - Craig Lamb
5th - Simon Baker
6th - Scott Kendall
7th - Matt Whitmarsh
8th - Daniel Webber
9th - Dave Edhouse
10th - Jason Sweet

M Chassis
1st - Philip Bateman
2nd - Peter Bent
3rd - Callum Bishop
4th - Rowan Campbell
5th - Dave Edhouse
6th - Neville Bishop
7th - Peter Bateman
8th - Simon Baker
9th - Nic zwart
10th - Campbell Rollo

1st - Luke Duthie
2nd - Ian Rickerby
3rd - Craig Lamb
4th - Nigel Bish
5th - Jayden Duthie
6th - Craig Pullar
7th - Colin Storey
8th - Daniel Webber
9th - David Beck

1st - Shane Gollop
2nd - Colin Storey
3rd - Craig Pullar
4th - Matt Whitmarsh
5th - Peter Bateman
6th - Neville Bishop
7th - Philip Bateman

You can have a chat about the nationals in the forums.

Also don't forget to check out the NZRCA Facebook page, as they will have photos and videos up any day.

2014 Electric on-road North Island champs

Entries close today (30th October) for the 2014 Electric on-road North Island champs.

This event is to be held on the 7-9 November at the North Harbour RC Car Club (NHRCCC) outdoor venue

It'll be the last time a major event will be held at the current NHRCCC outdoor track.

If you haven't entered make sure you register on their website today!

Event Website:
Forum thread:

2014 NZRCA AGM Minutes

The 2014 NZRCA AGM is done and dusted, have a look at the minutes from the meeting, download the PDF here

Discuss in the Forum here

Hot Shotz Mini Series - Stream Online

The 1989 New Zealand four part mini series is based around RC Cars and even features some kind of story. For quite a few years it hasn't been shown on TV, but now you can finally stream it online.

Click the image to go to where you can stream it.

Talk about it here

Hobby Spy

Check out this recently released website, great for finding the best prices in New Zealand.

A quote from the creator of allows you to browse 20 of New Zealand’s top online hobby stores from one location. Get the latest prices of your favourite store and find what you are looking for at the lowest price. Help support New Zealand hobby stores by purchasing locally.

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